Thursday, February 8, 2018

It has been a while

    Hello Readers!

  It has been quite a while since I last written . I hope to see you are all ok !

  God has taught me a lot of lessons over the years and I will share them with you in time.
I am not currently a stay at home daughter , and I have been working through the years . But it doesn't change the mindset I have about a woman in the Home . God taught me that I was living in a way dishonoring to him by not taking care of my own needs as a single adult so I am going to change  some things on this site.   But that does not mean I disrespect the life choices of others, because I know God calls everyone to the place He needs them . for some it is at home , and some it is working until God provides you a spouse. 
   so stick with me on my adventure!

  see ya soon!

- Delighted Daughter.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sorry its been forever!!

Hello friends!

    It has been forever since I last wrote! I am so sorry!
I have a few things to announce:
There is a cool give away on Shining stars magazine! They are giving away the book  called The Princess and the Kiss, by Jennie Bishop. Click here to enter!
  This is the review from Shining Stars:

"The Princess and the Kiss is a tale of a princess who learned to wait patiently for her prince to come for her and to save her kiss for him. It is written in a very clear, easy to understand style and is a great story for girls of all ages. I highly recommend it!!
We will be giving away a copy of this book to one winner … and a copy of the audio CD to another winner! I actually haven’t heard the CD myself but had the opportunity to purchase both items together so we will have two winners!"
 We Hope you all try and enter. The book is described as being loved especially by children, So perhaps you can enter for your little sister, or for your future children!

  I also need to tell you that Obama won the election once again (in case you missed it!) and that you should hurry over to to sign the petition to encourage the parental rights amendment, which would out law the UN's the Child's rights ratification, which pretty much outlaws homeschooling, parents teaching children about Christianity or Creation, and gives the government the right to take your child for any reason. Much prayer must be sent to the Lord about this issue!
     I would also like to draw attention to the Creation museum! They are going to have some wonderful Christmas events, so if you and your family would be able to go, I would go soon! Check their website for more information!

I hope you all had a wonderfull autumn thus far! Lets dwell on things to be thankful for! post things you are thankful for on this post! lets join together with thanksgiving in our hearts
" That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works." Psalms 26:7

Monday, August 6, 2012

Trusting Jesus

   Recently I was encouraging my Brother. He was discouraged due to the signs of the end played on the news everyday. he wants a chance to have a life too, he says. I told Him to sit down.
    Now, I bored you with the details, but really, I want to share what God taught me and Him that day.

     1.We have to trust God   

George Muller
        There are a lot of things that we say wee need to worry about, but God says otherwise.
   " Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?" Mat. 6:25. 
  Things look bleak. the Economy is crashing, people are scared, buying gun and gold. but these things , in the end, won't really protect us. We must rely fully on God, as the Israelites did in the dessert. George Muller, from the 1800's, was a man who had much faith. His faith In God was seen as rediculous by on standers, especially his wife. on more than one account, God Provided needs immediately based on his faith. once, he was in his home with his wife. they were very poor. 
"we don't have any food, George." his wife complained.
"Set the table" he said.
"but, why? we have nothing to eat, don't you hear me?"
 "set the table" So she did, then they sat down, and george prayed. "thankyou lord, for the food you are about to provide." his wife looked at him. as he said amen, a knock was heard at the door. george's wife answered it. an old woman was standing there with a ham. 
  "i just felt I had to bring this here" the woman said. 

 We can trust God just the same as George muller. He is able and willing to provide our needs. (story may not be word for word or exact setting accurate, but it is real)

     2. Even if we  are here during the end times, we would be able to experience some of God's most marvelous works.

        People always ask about the rapture. we discuss when we think it will happen or won't happen. But I think most of us agree on one amazing fact: Just imagine the marvelous works we will see if we are here for part of the end times. just as the Jews in Egypt, God protects his people. we could be affected by some of it, but God would likely protect us from evil during those times if we are indeed here. we would see so much protection, as the family who had angels guarding their house in Waslala as the guerrillas came  
to kill them, or How Esther Ahn Kim's friend was able to be a wanted christian (to go to jail) and have police men button his jacket! How many protection stories will there be in this time? (I am speaking figuratively, not prophetically, lest I accidentally add to the book of the revelations, let's not do that!) not That every christian will be divinely spared from pain or death, as There were always times of martyrdom throughout the ages, but What a gift to be able to die for our Lord?

     I hope this encourages you. do not worry about the trials we have, because God is so much bigger than it. do not worry about people raiding your food or stealing,  or even dying of hunger during the lack of food and all the dry weather, But rather lean on God, your loving Father and Protector
     ~Delighted daughter

Monday, July 23, 2012

Walking in faith

I want to share a spiritual revelation I have recently encountered. It was a real Eye opener, and I hope this encourages you. Let me begin
   It started earlier this month. I know the ideal way to live is to be a keeper at home, and I believe the day I get married there is no more work place. But because of my circumstances, I need to work part time.
I found a flyer for a little child daycare nearby, and I put a resume in there. I figured I could influence children to love Jesus in this field. They accepted My job offer, and sent me paper work to fill out. As I filled it out, I felt guilty. I Honestly think God said no. I really wanted the Job, but when I let go, I felt peace about it. in fact, I felt happy. God apparently had better plans for me this July.
        the week I was supposed to begin work, my family went to a Christian book store. most of the time, their books are quite liberal, but I found one that caught my eye. it was on the shelf for women, it was called Set-Apart Femininity, By Leslie Ludy. This topic always interested me, so I purchased it.  This book revealed a lot of things that were missing in my christian life, things that made godly living a joy rather than a burden.  It taught me a lot about faithful praying. not "health and wealth" Gospel, but rather the kind of praying you see all throughout the Bible, the early church, in countries where there are underground churches. Praying and fasting, as Daniel said: "And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes:" (Daniel 9:3)
     There was also a lot about keeping yourself sacred for your husband, and not merely "waiting" for a husband , but making God everything you need.  I told God that He is all that I need, and  could not cease of thinking on Him ever since. My relationship with Christ is revolutionized, and  highly recommend this book to all women who read this article.
   As I have mentioned in past posts, I work at a little pizza shop. I have been there two years, and there was a lot of good done in that place. While no one particularly accepted Christ as their Savior, we were able to answer many questions about God and plant seeds in peoples hearts so they will, hopefully, accept Him . Many of my old friends there will be leaving for college this year, and it is, to me, a little melancholy. I am so happy to see the work God has been doing there, and glad He let me be part of it. One of the girls is leaving this week, and I will miss Her. I was praying for Her last night, I prayed that God would let the seed that was planted Grow into salvation,and turn her into a women Who honors and brings Glory to Him. As I was praying, the Book, Set-Apart Femininity, sat near me on the bed. I read it quite a bit already, and it encouraged me. I consider it a jewel in my book collection, and I really love it. God wanted Me to give it to Her. I really felt His plea tugging at my heart. So I will. even though it was only with me such a short time, God used it to help me find a relationship with Him people may seem impossible. Praise the Lord, and let this book bless many more girls across the world.
        Please Buy a copy for yourself! It will be worth the buy!
            - Delighted Daughter

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shining stars giveaway!

another giveaway, for the book, "it's not that complicated" by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin! Click here to go to the site and enter today!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shining stars giveaway!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Encouragement to my sisters in Christ Jesus!

Praise the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever!
   Greetings sisters in Christ,
   The road is narrow that leads to heaven, but the road to destruction is broad. The evil king of lies is always out to deceive you, and trip you as you journey towards your heavenly home. Fear not, dear sisters! God is bigger than that devious monster! He will protect you from the questionable and the unknown! Rejoice in the roles He gave you, for many choose to leave this path. It is hard and rugged on this road, and the days seem long, and perhaps even dull; But be of great hope, young lady, God has a plan for you, and as you walk, He will be your guide, and protector; lean on him, and He will carry you!
   Many women who left this path will try to lure you to the kingdom of the great deceiver, they ask you if you are crazy, or whether you are selfish. "In his land, there are devices to care for your home, so you can care for yourself, and focus on developing into a greater being. the world needs damsels who will sacrifice the housework and endeavour into the world of work and gain a position of prestige and honor unimaginable." thus they speak. But woman of faith, be not bewildered by such foolish speech, for they know not of what they speak. The Great Provider and Great protector be with you forever more, lean on His statutes, for they are of great worth. Be not dismayed, for you should trust the teachings of our great Master, He is forever our saviour and protector! Fear not, young woman, but only believe. Trust our Good Lord, He is our shepherd, and we shall not want, for He makes us lie down in green pastures.
   Remember dear sisters, Trust in the name of the LORD your God, He will carry you , if you faithfully follow Him.
    Lovingly, Your Dear Sister.
  Note: I realize that some women (unmarried  or widowed,[ I will have to create an article for wives who are forced to work]) may need to work, But let us rejoice in the roles He gave us, and pursue what is of the Lord: take good time to practice, pray and prepare for our future homes. let us all be examples to those who follow us, to teach the younger women to be keepers at home, to practice loving others as ourselves, keeping  a tidy living space, a heart of hospitality, and preparing for our future groom, not only the man we marry, but the return of our precious Savior! God bless you!
    - Delighted Daughter